Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Dark Night Is Enfolding

Monday, May 21, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

We had a good run, didn't we? It was fun while it lasted. But now America is winding down, like an old heart without too many beats left in it. There isn't much time remaining. The sun is setting and the dark night is coming. The experiment was successful for a while, but we mixed in the wrong "chemicals" and now it's going to blow up in our collective faces.

Yeah, inventing the automobile was pretty sweet. The Wright brothers were some smart boys, and they weren't even Jewish (imagine that). Landing on the moon was a well-financed lark. Winning the Cold War over Soviet Communism validated America for a while, but the good times are gone.

Traitors now run the White House, the Congress and the Senate, as well as all our other institutions. Our Jew wars are stretching us thin and killing our boys and girls. Our jobs are leaving, our economy is hollowed out and our sovreignty has been breached and compromised long ago. We are manipulated and controlled by a foreign power and we actually pay them with our own hard-earned money for the privilege! Our nuclear secrets are being sold off, auctioned off to the highest bidder by these Jewish Zionist thieves and traitors.

And now, George W. Bush, the worst President to ever sit in the Oval Office, has so thoroughly given himself to Israeli interests abroad and Jewish Zionist interests at home that he will bend over backwards to do their bidding. Bush won't call it quits in the Zionist proxy battle on the ground in Iraq, but he is glad to call it quits when it comes to our southern border, doing exactly what his masters tell him. He wants to protect Iraq and make sure an oil pipeline runs from that Middle East hellhole right into the most nefarious nation ever fashioned by murder, rape and mayhem, the rogue, criminal, apartheid, terror state of Israel.

Bush is poised, ready, willing and able to sell this country out for the last time. Why do I say the last time? Because once he signs this amnesty bill, America is finished. Our white European-American racial makeup willl disappear forever, down the memory hole and into the dustbin of history. All our accomplishments, our grand, wonderful inventions will be forgotten. Our children will walk as strangers, a visible minority walking amongst the dreck of society. A hostile and violent majority will commit violence against them, even in the very nation their white fathers constructed for white people.

But Bush doesn't care. He is sitting on top of the world, wealthy beyond imagination and will gladly help our Jewish banker foes, their neo-con allies and the Jewish liberal social engineers who are animated by nothing but hate for everything this country once stood for. No more can we sustain this treachery. The traitors are inside the gates of the city, not outside. They are going to rip this nation into a bunch of fragmented pieces, sell off what they can and then run the remains from behind the scenes.

The night is enfolding, enclosing like phantom arms around us. I think it is too late to stop the topple into the abyss. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I don't think so. The darkness is as thick as an anesthetizing fog, a fog bringing unclear thought and brain malfunction. The slogans, the phony patriotism and the police state are all that we have to look forward to. I won't be silent, but I think the damage is done. I pray to God that I am mistaken.

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/05/dark-night-is-enfolding.html

It's All About Big Jewry, Baby!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

The establishment and the Hebrew media magnates are treating the upcoming amnesty of twenty million illegal Mexican immigrants as something almost noble, exquisitely beneficial and as American as apple pie. They want you to believe that, much like a flu shot, this is being done for your own good. They are almost trying to convince you that this is the American thing to do. "This country is made up of immigrants, after all!" George Bush, John McCain or Ted Kennedy might declare with a self-assured snort of condescension. But I won't go into that right now. The attitudes, the elite snobbery of our out of touch politicians is to be expected, and nothing you say or write is going to change their hermetically sealed minds.

The more important consideration in this whole sordid matter is an elementary question. Who benefits from amnesty being bestowed on millions of poor Mexican Third Worlders, who bring their backward culture, their poverty mindset and various dangerous and incurable diseases into our "melting pot" nation?

1. Big Business

The first group who benefits is the most obvious. It is the companies, the businessmen who have no scruples. They want cheap labor, they want to cut corners and pinch pennies, even if they are breaking the law. They know our compromised government will do nothing to punish their unethical hiring of lawbreakers and miscreants. These are Bush's true constituents, those who funded both of his presidential campaigns and who line the pockets of the Republican so-called cognoscenti and pour millions into the neo-con think tanks who agitate for policies that are inimical to the US's true interests and well-being. These are the same folks who are more than glad to ship the job base out of this country if they can make a few extra dollars of profit. They are shameless, and in an ethical nation-state, they would be locked up as criminal traitors. But no, they are the shysters and bigwigs who keep the political ship afloat, no matter how rough and choppy the waters become.

2. Big Liberalism

The second group who benefits from a flood of illegals is the Left of the Democrat Party. These anti-American ideologues are sheer conniving opportunists. They care about nothing more than grabbing and holding on to the levers of government. Amnesty for criminals breaking into the United States only guarantees them a steady stream of uneducated and uninformed voters. There is also a built-in advantage for the leftist end of the spectrum because illegals are going to be more likely to utilize welfare programs, food stamps and free health care services when they show up in emergency rooms with real or imagined ailments.

These are natural Democrat voters who are unabashed at crashing our borders and then latching their mouths onto the teat of governmental dependency. They are people who love a hand-out that is both undeserved and actually stolen from native-born Americans who might require some temporary assistance. If real Republicans honestly think that these Mexicans, who are sucking up precious resources and billions confiscated from American workers, are going to vote for a platform of small government, lower taxes and deregulation, then they are either incredibly and unforgivably stupid or they have taken their usual naivety to a petrifyingly preposterous extreme.

3. Big Jewry

What is the third group who benefits, and perhaps benefits more than the previous aforementioned two? Why, it's the Jewish supremacists and the Zionists, of course! I'm sure you predicted that that was coming in this piece, but it all bears repetition, again and again and again, until the American people at last discover who is orchestrating the alien horde invasion of their once venerable nation. It's the Jews, Jews, Jews! It's the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Defense League, the American Jewish Congress, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and many, many more. What do they all have in common? That's easy. They are all pleased, actually orgasmic would be closer to the mark, about this bipartisan bulldozing of America's sovreignty and national borders. Why? They are on the verge of ecstasy because they are watching the white race, European-Americans die away. A multicultural fragmented country will be so much easier for them to control and string along like mindless sheep. Whites will be just one of many competing groups.

Who is doing this? These are the true-blue Jews, the Marxists, the Communists, the one-worlder socialists, the neo-conservative Israeli fanatics, the real dyed in the wool Bolshevik types, the Talmudic haters, the sixties Trotskyites. These are the Zionist extraordinaires. These are the very Jewish lunatics who run our TV media, our newspapers, our universities, our government and almost everything else of consequence, yet are never going to be contented and comfortable until they run it all, until not one faction of smart white folks are remaining to challenge their supremacy and the clamp down that they are planning for all of us.

That's why they yearn for loads of Mexicans and every other kind of Third Worlder to transport their squalor, their backwardness and their criminal violence into clean white neighborhoods and towns until European-Americans have no place else to go and no country left to take pride in. Don't you understand that the extremist Jews are funding this whole drive for open borders and are actually aiding the Mexican thugs who traipse arrogantly into the USA, giving them money, legal assistance and providing them subterfuge? They are doing it openly, smugly and proudly, without a glint of irony in their eyes, simultaneously supporting displacement in "the Jewish country" for poor Palestinians. But who in the world is even slightly surprised by their nervy hypocritical chutzpah anymore? I'm not.

So who benefits? Three groups: Big Business, Big Liberalism and Big Jewry. Who benefits the most? In the long run, Big Jewry does. They are in this for the long haul and nothing matters but the Tribe's success. If amnesty damns the rest of us, they will keep up the damning. After all, it will ensure the Chosen's survival and their dominance will be assured. Big Jewry will still be fueled, fired-up and fouling this country when the white race is but a nostalgic memory in a discarded history book. Even when the benefits for Big Business and Big Liberalism are exhausted and dried up, Big Jewry will be cackling as they are "king of the hill, A number one, top of the heap", even if they ravage and steamroll all of humanity to get there. They literally don't give a damn who they damn. I mean, why should Big Jewry want to rule over a resisting populace who hates and resents them when they can rule over squabbling groups of ill-educated people who don't even realize Big Jewry exists?

It always seems to be "heads, Big Jewry wins" and "tails, Big Jewry wins." This go-round may be no different. If amnesty does not happen this time and there is no ultimate cashing in for Big Business, Big Liberalism and Big Jewry, it is going to be quite predictable. Big Jewry will use their many arms of media to portray American opponents of illegal immigration and amnesty as akin to the Ku Klux Klan and the Nazis of World War II. Big Liberalism and the Democrat Gentile front men that Big Jewry appoints will step forward to parrot the message and the talking points that Big Jewry assigns them. Big Business will contribute much of their dollars to the effort, knowing that it will assure them cheaper labor in the near future. The next President, one put into place by Big Jewry and one even more pliable than George Bush, will promise his donors (Big Business and Big Jewry) that he will deliver what they want. The amnesty bill will be signed into law and Big Jewry will declare it a victory for American democracy, pluralism and diversity on the nightly Big Jewry newscast. They won't even wince when Israel tosses a Molotov cocktail or three into a Palestinian kindergarten or two just on a wacky Yiddish whim.

Isn't it wonderful how America works? The triumvirate of opulent greed, tawdry opportunism and sheer ethnocentric hate-laced racism work like a well-oiled machine to wreck and derail us. Big Jewry is the biggest villian in this tragedy, but not the only one on the stage. To defeat them and win a victory we must continue to shout and raise our voices in protest, rage and dissent. We must also write and tell the truth on the internet as well. Big Jewry is the one running this malformed machine of avarice and bigory, even as they ally themselves with others foolish or greedy enough to throw in their lot with these twisted Zionistic creatures. To throw a wrench into the works, they must be exposed if the United States is even to have the slightest hope of being rescued from the political and cultural morass we are entrapped in.

We must stop Big Business, stop Big Liberalism, and most of all, stop Big Jewry. This is a trinity, a godhead made in hell, akin to the threesome of Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The only difference is that this political trinity makes the Unholy Trinity of Christian eschatology seem like a walk in the park.

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/05/its-all-about-big-jewry-baby.html

The Enemies Within

Thursday, May 24, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Big Jewry seeks to steal, kill and destroy in the same exact way that the Bible tells us that the Evil One intends to do these things. Big Jewry is armed with a bankroll rivaling the Almighty. They intend your (the European-Americans) demise as a people. These are the "enemies within" our nation that Marcus Tullius Cicero, the great Roman orator warned us of so many centuries ago. His famous quote deserves repeating here:

"A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague."

We are plagued by Big Jewry, its minions, its media, its confidence men among the Goyim and all its unspeakable iniquitous works. Illegal immigration is only the tip of an ominous iceberg of titanic proportions. Nearly 99% of all the societal sicknesses you see being foisted upon us are being delivered (with postage due) courtesy of one unified whole. It's not necessarily the Jewish people as a group who are wholly to blame, though one wishes that the decent among them would speak out against their leadership, but it is Big Jewry we have to fear. It is the kosher grand wizards of international Zionism who are funding this horde invasion of a formerly majority white nation.

It is my job, my duty and indeed my pleasure to inform you of these facts. I won't shut up about any of this until every American fully grasps what is at stake and who is tightening the screws on our people. Big Jewry has emboldened every perversion in the United States, they have caused most of the world to hate America, not because America is still so good, but because America is becoming more Jewish in the way it operates. We are shipping our vile, base and appalling entertainment all over the globe and we wonder why the Muslims hate and despise us. We wonder why they aren't impressed and why many of them will do anything to hurt us. Moral people in European countries are also shocked and repulsed by what is flowing like sewage from a spigot out of Hollywood and into their homes.

America is now a Judeocracy and what that means for us is endless war for endless empire, not a monocultural nation, but a multicultural one, and every kind of degradation and degeneracy known to man. We are thoroughly Judaized, in our thoughts, our attitudes and our permissiveness and moral relativism. Can this honestly be disputed anymore? I don't believe it can be. Looking at America from a certain angle, a space alien visiting our country could say "They are all Jews!" Aren't we? We have turned from God to materialism and the pursuit of money and pleasure. These are Talmudic precepts and they are killing us. We have transformed into Mammonites, literal worshippers of mammon, that, not coincidentally has almost become worthless thanks to our Federal Reserve.

I don't want to be a Jewish country anymore. I want to be an American country again, the one our wildly idealistic Founding Fathers envisioned and the one Ronald Reagan hoped for when he spoke of a "shining city on a hill" invoking the history of the Puritans and their belief in divine Providence. The United States of America was respected and looked up to once. Can it happen again? I don't know, but what I do know is that the Jewishness of this nation-state is the worst part of it, the part that the world's peoples loathe. We must reclaim what we once were. That means getting the beast of Zionism and Big Jewry off our backs. It means standing, fighting and declaring openly and proudly that we will be controlled, manhandled, brainwashed and cajoled no longer, least of all by a sick alien force that has no allegiance but profit, perfidy and the power of the purse.

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/05/enemies-within.html

The Devil Is On the Doorstep

Thursday, May 31, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

There is an old axiom that informs us that "the devil is in the details." This is, at its most basic, a piece of wisdom reminding us to read the fine print when signing contracts or hearing information and promises that seem "too good to be true."

But what do you do when the devil is not in the details? What is to be done when the devil is not furtive, is not using stealth anymore, but is perched instead on the doorstep and knocking in a hostile and bellicose manner? This is our trouble, for the devil is no longer content to work behind the scenes, subtlely tugging at a string here and there to induce the dance he desires. Now the devil's attacks are open, brazen, barefaced, tawdry and unblushing in their intensity.

Big, huge hulking Jewry is done with playing the covert game to get what they want, and what they want is to run the whole world and they are so very close to achieving their sinister promise in this regard. They are proud to say "We are going to own you Goyim!" They never blush, they never apologize and they never ever back down from their frontal assaults on our rights and our Constitution. Strewn across the internet like so much garbage, like pools of toxic chemical waste, are the hitmen for their cause, already waiting with excuses, lies, indulgences and subterfuge for their brethren that debauch us.

Let me be very clear in my words. The agents of Big Jewry lie as naturally as they breathe. They don't even give it a thought. For them to even consider lying as something immoral would be like a fish contemplating deeply the reality that it is surrounded by water. It's a given. Their falsehoods, double-speak and duplicitousness are part of their make-up as sub-humans. Calling these devils part of the human family is much too generous and liberal. They are part of the "brood of vipers" Jesus Christ warned us of right before the smart boys of the Talmud knocked Him off to quiet His tongue. They can never bear the truth being told about them, but we can see that Christ had the last laugh, if you can even use such terms when referring to the Savior. The devils of Judaism killed every ancient critic they ever had, and they would love nothing more than to do the same today. These Satanic beings are at war with all humanity, and the truth, as always happens in a war, must become the first casualty.

The Beelzebubs of Big Jewry don't want dialogue. I figured that out a long time ago. They won't engage in dialogue because the truth is not on their side. The truth has never been on their side. Instead, as they hover like ghoulish gargoyles or scavenger birds at the door, they wait to rip us asunder. They are done with code words against us and hiding their identities. They want a war with Gentiles, at least of the Cold War variety. The shooting hasn't started yet, but the war of words certainly has. I am more than ready to give them the war they crave, like they have craved so many other wars (WWI, WWII) in the past.

Judaism, Big Jewry, Zionism and Jewish supremacism are all part of the devilish Mephistophelian blueprint they have for our world. They won't be needing us for much longer and soon these demons will put the final nail in the coffin, both figuratively and literally. The door will swing open, they will emerge from the doorstep to claim us and end us. We have allowed this to happen. Our Faustian bargain, our pluralistic tolerance for their crimes and their diabolical deeds will finally draw the curtain on our existence.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We must call a 'devil' a 'devil', and there is nothing more devilish and evil than Jewish excess. The human cost they have extracted from us like Shylock's "pound of flesh" is more than anyone should have to bear. But bear it we have, often with a smile and often with our arms and pocketbooks wipe open to pay for it all. No more, you Judaistic demons, no more! I won't be silent. I will engage in the war against the hellhounds of Big Jewry because I know that I am on the side of light and they sit, as they always do, on the side of darkness and disinformation and distortion and death.

So I say to the Evil Ones, the loathsome and vicious and perverted minions of the hell that is Judaistic thinking, the garbage heap that makes up their mentalities and minds, bring on the war! I will speak the truth and I will draw you out, even if that means gluing a penny to the floor. Come on into Zionist Watch and prove who you are with your insults, your gutter language, your sick scatological obsessions and your filth. You make a far better case for opposing and battling the Jewish agenda than anything I could say. But whatever you do, bring on the war!

"You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies."

-Jesus Christ

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/05/devil-is-on-doorstep.html

Non-Arguing Non-Entities

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

They can't be reasoned with. They can't be mollified. They can't be appeased. Why? The main reason is that they are non-arguers. They are only interested in the insult, the smear and the visceral reaction. They certainly won't debate facts, figures, statistics or historical events. They know better.

Who are these non-arguing non-entities who only clutter the internet with childish fits of intolerant rage? They are the Zionist True Believers, those who will not be dissuaded by anything, no matter how credible, no matter how well-documented. Nothing will satisfy them or calm their festering anger management problems. Why the insane vitriol and pit bull rejoinders? Simple. They are proud members of the cult of Zionism. It is a cult based upon a foundation of lies, half-truths and the permanent eternal innocence of Jews and their everlasting victimhood at the hands of others. No matter what Jews do or how they behave, something within the Gentile, the Goyim must have provoked it. Jews can never be blamed or held to the same standards as other peoples.

You waste your time debating these people. I have found that out recently in a little back-and-forth with several of these pitiful souls who can unleash nothing but ad hominems against me. Never once did they show where a single one of my articles was incorrect. They behaved like school yard children, calling me silly names like "retard", "circus freak" and other inanities. But isn't it only to be expected? What else could they spend their time doing when they flame different individuals? Would they dispute facts? Would they argue points? Would they point out inaccuracies? Why, of course they wouldn't, mainly because they can't and couldn't. They only have the cut-down and the nasty label to apply to their opponents.

But why shouldn't it be this way? Have you ever heard of a single Jew anywhere who ever debated the points his critics made? When Walt and Mearsheimer released their detailed report on the Israeli lobby, did some educated media Jew jump forward to discount the words contained in the Walt/Mearsheimer project. Of course they didn't. The Jews only slathered the two successful academics with the "anti-Semite" label, hearkening back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and then whining about Nazis for the hundredth time. They did the same to Jimmy Carter's well-researched book as well.

I have never once in my life seen organized Big Jewry ever debate their critics, much less their out-right enemies. Why? Simple. Because they can't. They can only paint red horns on those who variate from their dirty agenda.

The Ziobloggers online, the gimlet-eyed, in-need-of-medication-or-a-restraining-jacket style haters will never debate you. They will insult, insult and insult some more. I would post some of their laugh-out-loud funny posts calling me all sorts of names and suggesting that I then do things which are physically impossible. But I won't bore you or give these dullards the attention they so desperately and pathetically crave.

I have been doing this long enough to bear all insults, profanity or personal attacks with a smile and with a good-natured chuckle. I expect hate from the Zionists and their friends in low places. It's a given and almost a gift. I know I must be doing some good if my writing enrages certain individuals who read it. I am striking a nerve and provoking a visceral response. This is never a bad thing. The worst possible thing would be to temper my essays and articles after bearing the brunt of negativity and hatred. I will never do that. I will dish out nothing but a daily dose of truth. How could I even look at myself in the mirror if I did anything less?

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/06/non-arguing-non-entities.html

Our Opponents Are Cowards and Liars

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Our opponents are cowards and liars. They are cowards because they will not debate the validity or invalidity of the arguments we make and document on our blogs and websites. They will only throw temper tantrums worthy of a small child who has been made to eat his vegetables rather than a Kit Kat bar. Apparently these tantrums are supposed to make us apologize and back down from our positions, leaving the arena of ideas out of fear. But, alas for them, that is not the result of their babyish fits of bluster.

These people are also liars because they lie about our motives (it's all about hate, hate, hate) and then lie about our adroitly reasoned stances. They surmise, incorrectly of course, that if they throw enough lies our way that some of them will stick to us, and that those lies will relegate us to the scrap heap of irrelevancy. But it hasn't worked out so well for them. Vitriolic lies only draw attention to us and arouse interest in the masses, who implicitly understand that something is wrong with our country, but can't yet put their finger on what specifically is causing it. We fill in those gaps, those hollow points of informational deficiency.

As I have always said "The truth has a certain ring to it." Our readers and those who happen upon our work, our articles, op-eds and political polemics by accident sense that they contain the truth, or at least a large missing piece of the puzzle that the media will never ever address. The "Jewish problem" is a whopping puzzle piece that has been taken out of the box by outsiders, ensuring that the jigsaw puzzle is never completed. We, myself and talented others, dig around until we find that stolen piece and return it to where it belongs, so that instead of 999 pieces, there are 1000 interconnected ones. It all fits together and nothing in the world is more unforgivable an act to the Zionist True Believers than actually letting the Americans glance at the whole picture, unobstructed by cracks and side arguments which are inconsequential.

We bring it all right to you. No middle-man and no media mogul will censor what you read and hear. You can think for yourself, though the Zionists hate free thought as much as they hate free speech and the right to bear arms. They hate freedom, period. They don't want you to be free. They want to control and manipulate your mind. We will allow none of it.

Yes, Zionists are cowards and liars. I will trumpet that truth until every person in America agrees with me and my compatriots in this worthy cause. Don't let the bastards grind you down, and especially don't let them inhabit and inhibit your mind.

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/06/our-opponents-are-cowards-and-liars.html

Feel the Control

Sunday, June 17, 2007
By Patrick Grimm

Do you feel the control, the dominance of what was once a great America? Do you spy the truth yet, or are you still blinded by shibboleths, buzzwords and straw men arguments? Apparently, some of you still are. You scream and protest and complain that I am too harsh. But no, I am not too harsh. You are simply too blind. You think I am too heavy-handed with the Jewish supremacists. But God knows, if the whole truth, the unvarnished truth was revealed, my words, my essays and my extrapolations would be far too temperate.

You still don't sense the control of your country, your society and your media by an alien force, a force as alien to a white European as a denizen of South Central would be at a Beverly Hills garden party? No, you are willfully, intentionally and consciously blind, and nothing could be more perilous. Why can't you see the facts, my friend?

When you turn on your television and see scattershot filth being blasted into your face, the glorification of every type of sundry perversion, the trumping of every malignancy of the human soul, you don't gasp. No, you take it all in merry stride, don't you? You tolerate it, you receive it into your home like it's all one big bloated and benevolent gift. Are you concerned, chagrined for your children, your offspring, the future of this nation or what will remain? Looking out over the vast ocean of apathy in America, I often contemplate one question "Where is the outrage?"

Do you think this is all being simply done by leftist Gentiles who just happen to hate white people and Jesus Christ, the Bible and the church? No, it's not. This is all being conducted by a power with no allegiances outside of tribe, "race", money, hatred, greed, avarice and blind sheer terrorizing ambition.

Think about it logically. You wouldn't expect to see white Gentiles and white Christians slanting news stories against their own people, favoring violent minorities who are incapable of functioning in a free republic and who have very poor impulse control? And honestly, you don't find that. You find instead alien Jews who hate whites and religious believers, and they are siding with the dregs, the black trash criminal underclass and the illegal Mexican lawbreakers. It is Jews who are doing this, not Gentiles of means. The enemy is rich big Jewry, arrogant and rakish and rancid with the aroma of corruption and treachery.

You also would not find a gaggle of Gentiles (who are supposedly hopelessly Puritinical) promoting homosexual free love, heterosexual libertinism and now beastiality and every other brand of perverse pursuit. No, it is Jews who are bringing us these curses. They are obsessed, literally obsessed with scatology and excretory functions and every other vile and sickening decadence. Why, their movies, TV shows and books are littered and strewn with these types of images.

Do you feel the control yet? No, you are ready to scream "anti-Semite!" like you are lip-syncing an album recorded by Abraham Foxman. You are geared up to smear any of us who do speak the truth aloud, the truth that you yourself know down deep inside your soul. Your heart knows the truth, and it is for this very reason that you are appalled and offended and supposedly insulted by the truth-speakers and truth-seekers among us.

Your country is balkanized and chopped up like a jigsaw puzzle, yet you don't care. You don't give a damn. You can no longer even blame ignorance. You aren't ignorant. You are simply in denial, in deep dark self-denial that needs to be fractured. But you can't, you won't. To acknowledge the reality of what is right beneath your Gentile nose would also require you to let go of your warm feelings about yourself, your self-congratulations and your pride. Many of you would rather go down with the ship before you would disentangle yourselves from those encumbrances.

Do you feel the control? You do, you must, you have to feel it by now. Now you must be unafraid, both of looking at yourself and then of looking upon the terrible predicament you find yourself amidst. Feel the control, internalize it and then work to change it. You know in your heart that you have no other choice in this little matter.

original source: http://zionistwatch.blogspot.com/2007/06/feel-control.html

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anti-Jewish Sentiments

April 18, 2008
By Patrick Grimm

Anti-Jewish sentiments are a natural and healthy reflex amongst those peoples who wish to survive. Hence “anti-Semitism” is not only a necessary attitude, but laudatory, and if pursued heartily, capable of staving off annihilation, dissolution and moral decay, decadence and revolution. Should the patient celebrate the expulsion of a virus or a pathogen from his body? Indeed he would be considered insane not to. In the same way the non-Jew should celebrate the expulsion of the parasite of Jewry from his nation, his government and his community. Only then will some semblance of health return.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are the sign of health amongst any race or people. Only by the use of subterfuge, speech, thought and media control can Jewish tribalism and the hatred of the Jew towards his host (any non-Jewish host) be concealed from the majority. The Jew is surely aware of this and thus hides his true nature from the eyes of the populace. Why does he so assiduously guard and shroud the truth, the simple truth that could fit easily on several pieces of notebook paper, from the public? Because it would explain the disdain felt for his tribe historically and make the travails and persecutions of the Self-Chosen seem justified and finally, trivial and forgettable footnotes. Or worse yet (in the minds of organized Jewry), these persecutions would actually be celebrated by those who have fallen victim to the Jews and who finally managed to free themselves from their parasitic hold. A simple list of information related to Jewish extremism, as aforementioned, could be explained succinctly, yet there is not one university in the United States and not one piece of curriculum that will reveal these simple facts as part of an educational corpus. Because of this dearth of truth, our job and our task is made all the more crucial, for our survival depends on it.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are the norm rather than the exception historically. Yet our children are taught in school that “anti-Semitism” began in Germany and that Jews were made a simple scapegoat for economic and social problems whose causes lay elsewhere. This is patently false and can be proven so, but it plays well to those who only obtain their information from Jewish gatekeepers. Truth be told, Jews are the most hated people on the face of the earth and have been driven out of every country which had the misfortune of taking them into its unsuspecting arms. In 586 BC they were expelled from Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar. Since that time they have been run out of a variety of “anti-Semitic” locales around the world, countries as diverse as Syria, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Libya, Poland and also countries in Africa. They were expelled from Jerusalem in 70 AD on threat of death. After their eventual return, Constantine finally issued an edict to expel them again in 324. Jewish history is very much a history of expulsion and enmity. Yet to feel sorry for the Jews is to be foolhardy when one understands their machinations, their “nation within a nation” self-concept, their usury, their treason and the economic strangulations against non-Jews that preceded their forced exits. Yet the benighted public seems innocent of these historical realities. They have been beguiled by these same Jewish machinations of old.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are the antithesis of multiculturalism, multiracialism, diversity and all that they entail. These prettily-packaged poisons are ALL Jew creations, every one of them finding their origins in the minds of those belonging to only one tribal entity. That entity is rabidly anti-European and hates every manifestation of our people, whether it be American, Canadian, Croatian, German, Irish, Italian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Scandinavian, Spanish etc. They loathe the diversity of European mankind and seek to bury this diversity behind the amorphous label of “white”. This unending hatred has persisted for many centuries, if not thousands of years. The mercuries, leads and aluminums causing the atrophying and the collapsing of the body of all European nations are Jewish and now bring us to the edge of annihilation and existential oblivion. These enervating agents must be chelated out of us. Yet this will prove exceedingly difficult, for our numbers have dwindled downward and those numbers remaining have been cowed into tongue-holding avoidance patterns. Open non-European immigration, counterfeited currencies, speech codes, fines and modern day gulags for dissenters guarantees that Jewry stays ensconced at the top of the heap and that the iron curtain of silence remains implacable and inviolate. In this sense, a large portion of the power we once took for granted has been wrested out of our hands, this usurpation arriving in incremental wallops of carefully applied power. Despite this reality, or perhaps because of it, anti-Jewish sentiments not only need to be spoken, but uttered without abashment or shame, for the only shame we should have is that born of complicity, inactivity or the lingering ghost of cowardice that falls like a dark shadow over the visage of our people. To stand opposed to organized Jewry is identical to the very rational and understandable opposition to disease or criminality by sane moral actors. This opposition deserves no explanation, and only a brainwashed or compromised soul would demand one.

Anti-Jewish sentiments are, more often that not, the innate or subconscious sentiments of most learned or semi-learned people anyway. A solid majority of Americans (probably at least 60%) distrust the Jewish-owned media, and at least 40% of Americans are growing cold towards the Israeli state. Most sane citizens now see the Iraq war as the colossal package of lies that it is and George W. Bush as one of the worst presidents in our nation’s history. His bankrupt neo-conned Jewish administration is the nadir of corruption, treason and perfidiousness and has garnered only disgust from all but the most wild-eyed True Believers. Almost all European-Americans oppose the Jewish-led invasion of non-white immigration flooding our shores and darkening our streets and schools. More and more voters see both political parties as equally worthless and two sides of the same dirty coin that always manages to turn up. Now folks in the United States are beginning to shut off the Jew tube and are switching on their computers to link up with the blogosphere. They are drawing a couple lines between the last remaining unconnected dots and the Zionist scales are falling from their eyes. These kinds of awakenings don’t make headlines, because people change their minds not in public, but in private. We must be the instruments that usher in those awakenings and the mediums through which this paradigm change, this shifting of sentiments occurs.

original source: http://zionistwatch.wordpress.com/2008/04/18/anti-jewish-sentiments/

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Is At Stake Is Beauty

October 28, 2007

By Patrick Grimm

What is at stake is beauty. Why do we not wish for a Judaized world? Simple. Because it is a world devoid of beauty, yet rife with soulless consumerism and slave workers grinding away on a global plantation, an international gulag run by our moneyed masters. A Judaized world is a world swept clean of higher life, for higher life cannot exist where the dollar is god, where the man with the most shekels is king.

What is at stake is beauty. Yet in a Judaized mindset, womanhood and true feminine qualities like empathy, nurturance and childbirth are devalued, destroyed, made of no effect. No, laboring for the Almighty Dollar is the lord of all, even if it means blotting out family, faith and offspring. Traditional families are mocked and twisted “alternative lifestyles” are portrayed as the paragon of health, the camera lights blotting out the maggot within the apple.

What is at stake is beauty. A Jewish intelligentsia and culture is one where filth, depravity, degeneracy and socialism are celebrated. It is the difference between Dostoevsky and a pulp comic. It is the giant leap backward into a Lord of the Flies milieu, a Jew brainchild where aesthetically pleasing art is quashed and urination, defecation and mockery of God, country and flag reign supreme. It is JEWISHNESS put to the canvas and the page.

What is at stake is beauty. The beauty of our philosophers, of our Golden Rule, our sages, our great authors, poets and musicians, painters and sculptors has been replaced with perversions that defy belief. It means that ugliness is now vogue, the outre is kitschy and slickly chic for those who make it their aim to flaunt what is snidely called “conventional.” The Jewish hate for the comely has caused a broadside of disdain and the deconstructing of standards across the board. We are only seeing the opening act of their very long-running “stage play” of disease and disorder pirouetting its way across our universe, infecting all it touches.

What is at stake is beauty. The Jewish psychopaths and sociopaths who have seized control of us will never be satisfied till they have soiled and debauched, collapsed and caved in all we have built. They will do it with their insatiable bloodlust, their megalomaniacal wars, their endorsement and parading of every kind of sickness in the human soul and spirit. There is no malignancy they will choose not to approve of, no subversive movement they won’t lead and no radical, harmful cause that they will pass on funding and fighting for. They will steal our money, smash our treasures, sell our guarded secrets and make a lie of all our truths. They will gut and turn our religions to their purposes, enlist our very children to bleed for their propaganda, drug our boys till they are feminine and docile and easy to shape. They have made the lovely female body into nothing more than cheap pornography and told us to hate our very history, roots and race. No one has harmed us so much and loved us so little. No one is less deserving of our forgiveness and no one is more arrogant and less likely to ask for it, though the mountain of crimes against us rivals ancient Babel.

What is at stake is beauty and yes, it has been said before, only beauty can save us.

original source: http://zionistwatch.wordpress.com/2007/10/28/what-is-at-stake-is-beauty/ (web archive)

The Machine


By Patrick Grimm

"There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free and unless they're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

- Mario Savio (Berkeley, 1968)

The machine could not be more odious or more heart-sickening than it has now become. It is a machine fueled by egalitarian fairy tales and pipe dream pap. The machine is fueled by the mind-numbing and body-destroying oils and gasolines of Big Jewry. Indeed it is run by them. The machine is fueled by a controlled opposition and a gaggle of gate-keepers, shills and double-agents who keep us confused, bleary-eyed and rudderless, unable to shake ourselves free of the machine and see the world the way it really is and in the way it really works.

This is the machine that powers Big Defense (war profiteering), Big Liberalism (leftist delusions of grandeur), Big Business (the corporate globalist slave plantation), Big Pharma (poisoning, lobotomizing and neutering our people), Big Racism (the eternal black grievance industry i.e. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton), Big Holo (the holocaust shakedown racket), Big Media (Zionist propaganda 24-7), Big Zionism (robbing Peter to pay Irving), Big Finance (the Jewish-run Federal Reserve and the IMF) and Big Education (Jewish-written curriculum created to destroy whiteness and Western civilization).

The odiousness of the machine is due to those who fuel it. Big Jewry, a vast network composed of criminal Jews who are aided by their willing (or unwilling) non-Jewish accomplices, works the gears, the wheels, the levers, indeed the entire apparatus. They own it, they run it and their greatest goal is to destroy freedom, to destroy dissenting speech, to destroy chastity, to crush humility underfoot, to despoil virtue and to stymie and put a brake to the notion of freedom of conscience and thought. Honesty, inquiry, history and reality must be altered or erased if they don’t nicely conform to the machine’s ultimate agenda of destruction. The traditional family has been trounced by the machine.

The machine’s purpose is to eventually cull the herd, to slaughter 5/6 of the world’s population (“the useless eaters”) and to enslave the rest under a Talmudic empire. Not coincidentally, this very murder and enslavement is commanded and encouraged by the Unholy Books of Big Jewry. These are the Torah and the Talmud, volumes that recall gleeful bloodletting with orgiastic relish and which chronicle the mode by which the machine must be operated. These volumes are the owner’s manual for the machine that now grinds the planet to hamburger and torments the meat puppets who survive its torture. The machine reshapes once brave men into clones, silent, eyeless and androgynous yes-persons without honor, dignity or bravery. Closet-dwelling skeletons (real or imaginary) are utilized to keep any of the recalcitrant from stepping forward to cast their bodies upon the machine, forcing it to stall and come to a halt, to stop its murderous operation.

My heart is sick when I recall the machine. My mind is darkened by thoughts of the machine. The fact of its very existence pains me more than any other knowledge I possess and carry between my ears. This knowledge, this “knowing”, is a mental tattoo blackly inked forever into the fibers of my consciousness. It is a blessing and a curse to wear this ghastly tattoo upon my cerebral cortex.

I want nothing more than the cessation of the machine. I desire nothing more intensely and passionately than to see this machine smashed until it is unworkable, mechanically incongruous, a broken, discarded childish toy flung into the junkyard of faint historical memory. In the bright future I envision, that I fervently dream of, the machine will mark a sad chapter of existence that has been thoroughly expunged, never to be repeated, never to be emulated. Any talk of the machine will only cause collective recoils and nausea from those who speak of it. That day will come. That day is coming.

The machine’s parts are breaking down. They are in dire need of repair. Their warranty has long since run out. Their collapse is imminent.

We must, all of us must, lay ourselves sacrificially, fearlessly upon the odious machine and do more than “indicate” our displeasure with its deadly apparatus of existential death. We’ll cry with one voice “We will not allow this machine to work! We will destroy it wholesale, leaving not one part upon another, before it destroys all of us!” If we do not end the machine, it will eventually mass murder humanity in the long-term. In the short-term, it will decimate and desecrate everything that makes our lives worth living.

original source:

The Jew of the World


By Patrick Grimm

Jewry is the international albatross now hung around the neck of the world. What glorious destiny might have been ours without it. What we might have earned, what we might have discovered, what we might have accomplished without its enervating and meddling weight. But the weight remains; the expeditors of decline are running the store. Like a woman who spurns her man because he has no self-respect, we too have been spurned. The lives of our youth have been declared second-rate by those whose instruction books guide them in the ways of an alchemy-like supremacy. This supremacy turns civilizations not into the comely sparkle of gold, but to a termite-riddled rubble, a decaying mass of flotsam and jetsam.

The Jew of the World has made it clear, at least to his own brethren, that his allegiances to his host country have long since been frayed. His belief in nothing other than his own egotism now animates his breezily insouciant pursuit of a worldly kingdom of limitless treasure and corporate dominion. He now operates openly and unapologetically, yet still cobbles together a template of pseudo-intellectual respectability to cover his tracks.

My friends, it is time to rip the falsely pious front off of Jewry’s activities and expose their deeds to the light of day. The international Jews’ “light unto the nations” balderdash does not equal, in any shape or form, a candle of humble illumination. It is instead equivalent to the bare and ugly bulb that lights an interrogation room populated by Jewish “hate crime” bureaucrats and thought-control apparatchiks. This “light” is not a pleasant glow feeding the intellectual health of a jejune populace, but a raging and unquenchable fire burning our institutions to the ground. Was it not the Jew of the World who encouraged youthful rabble to “bring it all down, man”? Was it not this albatross, these very internationalists who cheered Communist ideologue Antonio Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions”? If our institutions are now not literally turned to cinders, then they are remodeled, restructured and realigned ideologically, so that they provide comfort, ease, accolades and succor to the Jew of the World. After all, he is fond of crowing about all those Jewish Nobel Prize winners, isn’t he?

The Jew of the World is quintessentially an internationalist. To this caliber of Jew, the health of his home country or its citizens is not of paramount concern. However, the health of the other Jews of the World is his be-all and end-all, his raison d’etre, the warm reassuring tribalism that has become his trademark. Their comfort is the end game. How does this type of Jew ensure the comfort of his fellow tribesmen?

That’s easy. He works to draw as little attention to himself and his brethren as possible. The only recognition Jews receive as Jews should be either as innocent victims who have fallen prey to non-Jewish perfidy or as humanitarians and activists supposedly working for the rights of all people. The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, a Masonic secret society of racialist Jews, concocts and frames all of their political activities to confirm this false impression amongst the public, whether they are doing “outreach work” aimed at blacks, Hispanics, Muslims or gaggles of worshipfully genuflecting Zionized Christian believers who bend the knee at the altar of Israel. In the minds of an unthinking and suggestible citizenry, Jewish machinations appear as altruism rather than as what they really are: crudely advantageous in-groupism.

Hence, Jewish-owned media outlets are proud to mention Jewish inventors, scientists, philosophers, doctors, authors and intellectuals, but fall silent when history reveals the preponderance of Jews involved in organized crime, loan-sharking, usury, unsavory business dealings, pornography, organ trafficking, sex slavery and terrorism. Any media slide show of Jewish history is rife with images of enlightenment, achievement and progress. Dozens of books celebrate a “Jewish Century.” Public television gushes about the Jewish role in the creation of the popular standard. Documentaries wax nostalgic about Jewish freedom riders who braved nightsticks and fire hoses selflessly as they helped blacks register to vote in the South even as they cheered on the segregated housing and Jews-only settlements in the Zionist state which practices government-sanctioned oppression funded by working Americans.

But there are no images conveying the human degradation, bondage and the lowering of the human spirit that the Jew of the World has brought to all peoples and lands with his activities, which would be looked on as shameful if perpetrated by any other tribe. No, Jewish “reality” is a break-neck cavalcade of dishonest and often discordant propaganda masquerading as truth, as empirical fact and as a desire for peace and tranquility. It is balderdash. In reality it is nothing more than bones and thin gruel fed to the non-Jewish world whose citizens are dim-witted enough to worship the very usurpers of their destiny and their heritage. But one will find it almost impossible to convince the non-Jew that the Jewish internationalist literally markets in lies as a means of making a living out of a killing. He is a lie-vendor and a truth-bender.

The Jew of the World’s media cannot help but be dishonest because its views derive from the character of the internationalist Diaspora’s tribalist mentality that circles the wagons when necessary and protects the in-group at all costs. Protection of the Jew requires lies. The tribalist Jew can only survive in a mish-mash of warring races, ethnicities and religions and a plethora of falsehoods which attempt to convince the host how wonderful the whole wretched arrangement really is. This is why multiculturalism is heralded, come what might, while what Kevin MacDonald calls “racial Zionism” is given cover and protection by the AP. And the Jew plays the profiting middle-man as the structures crumble and he protects his heritage come what may.

The media tries hard to magnify the Big Lie, the glossy image of Jews as a uniquely sensitive group of busy bee social workers striving to make our world a better place for everyone. However, Israel is the low-brow national embodiment of the true character of the Jew of the World. Israel’s “hideous strength” comes from the built-in advantages of a scruple-free environment that scorns honest labor of any sort. Mix this scruple-free “blood Jew” dystopia with inverted Nuremberg laws and a few hundred nuclear warheads and you will realize how and why the Jew appears so ugly to the rest of the planet. Of course, this animus by non-Jews only spurs the Zionist project forward, completely tone-deaf and hungering after bedlam and theft. In the present day, this tiny nation begins to look like a cartoon version of an autocracy springing from the mind of Stanley Kubrick. Israel is the man with a Napoleon complex basking in the stature which his newly purchased elevator shoes provide him. It’s both silly and deadly serious. It flows with blood and reeks of supremacy and colonialism. Yet the Jew of the World is not ashamed. Au contraire; he is proud.

Despite his countless excesses that splash across the planet’s purview, the worldly Jew clings to his own “racial” and ethnic feelings and churlishly demands that everyone else relinquish theirs. Yet this Jew never provides a reason why racial pride, identity and solidarity should be jettisoned. He instead invents or embellishes a laundry list of sundry historical crimes which he keeps in a kosher tome-like dossier. He then pins these “crimes” on this or that group when he feels the need to engage in pseudo-polemics or simply crude personal invective and slander. He gags his opponents (which are almost everyone ranging from white nationalists to black nationalists) with these tactics. He is an expert in the ways of espionage and playing the mole, and even the defector when it suits his agenda. He is two-faced and both of them are hideous and duplicitous. The pugilistic Dick Morris is a prime example of this brand of Jewish opportunism and selective faux moral outrage.

Paranoia fuels the worldly Jew’s suspicions, but so too does guilt. The Jew of the World is the stereotypical self-hater. Any Jew possessing just a modicum of a conscience (and some possess none) would have to feel guilt for what his brethren have wrought upon our globe. Yet, the teachings of his childhood cause his brain to attempt to do two contradictory things at the same time. An overweening mother, as well as sustained in-breeding has probably created a series of neuroses which are irreversible. All of these quirks elicit his self-loathing, but here lies the rub. This self-loathing then becomes juxtaposed with an almost insufferable chutzpah and arrogance that derives from the Jewish religion and the supremacist ideas which have been passed down from generation to generation. This Jew, not able to fully imbibe his self-hatred after being reassured constantly of his own “specialness”, “Chosenness” and unique intellectual superiority, instead turns his hatred outward and unleashes it onto the non-Jewish world. This is why the hatred emanating from the Jew of the World seems so disproportionate and vitriolic when it is finally set loose upon our culture. To the non-Jew, this is completely out of the realm of his comprehension. He cannot imagine that someone could loathe him with such an unfathomable intensity. Al Goldstein is the perfect prototype of this Jew. He is so full of self-hatred that he refers to himself as a “dirty kike”, but he hates non-Jewish culture, including Catholicism and Christ far more. This self-hating Jew sees himself as an agent of our destruction. He hates everything that surrounds himself, including himself. Hence, all must be morphed into the ugliness that is the internationalist Diaspora tribalist. What is on his mind must be mainstreamed. To do otherwise might make him uncomfortable.

The Jew of the World, left to his own devices, succored on racial Zionism, the constant need for the upper hand, and sporting an ancient blueprint for destruction and the bankroll to carry it off, will progress where he always progresses. This is the path of the perpetual scam and it is followed as only the Jew can follow it. European-American activist and behavioral neuroscientist Steven E. Romer has correctly described the internationalist Jews as “natural-born mimics, actors, deception artists and scam addicts.” This succinct and unapologetic description could not be more dead-on accurate. The Jew of the World is a consummate actor, a chameleon who has a frighteningly adroit way of hiding his “Otherness”, his alien and subversive character from his host.

In fact, the Method form of acting was created entirely by Jews. It was crafted first by Constanin Stanislavski. His teachings instructed the actor to analyze a character’s emotions and motivations so that he could embody them in a realistic way on the stage. Acting teacher Lee Strasberg later built upon the foundation of Stanislavski’s ground-breaking Method, ultimately influencing many of our most famous and acclaimed actors. Jews Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner also added their own insights to the Method that Strasberg had devoted his life to teaching.

The Jews know what we Europeans, the progenitors of drama have recently forgotten. The Jew understands that the wielding of drama as a weapon to shape “ways of seeing” and the use of the “passion play” to engender non-in group sympathy and to sow confusion and division in the majority culture guarantees his primacy. His mimicry, his unabashed, but still concealed chameleonism has permitted him to sell tribalism as universalism. Hence, he has dropped below the radar of the average mind. The celluloid religion of holocaust (akin to the incarnation, crucifixion and resurrection narrative) and its hazardous anti-European undertones has been duly noted by many writers (including this one), but the Jew of the World pulls down our Western house in many more intellectually criminal ways than this. He uses his deft ability at conceptual distortion, Talmudic rhetorical sleight-of-hand and limitless chutzpah to literally peddle the death of Western civilization as liberation and freedom.

Racial Zionist Alan Dershowitz has the gall to blithely gloss over several thousand years of Jewry’s financial banditry, two Jewish-backed world wars resulting in the genocide of multimillions, crypto-Judaism, Zio-spy games and a general despoiling of all host societies when he informs his reader that “An Old Yiddish saying sums up the Jewish concern for justice: ‘Rather suffer an injustice than commit one.’ Gershon Cohen describes this unique preoccupation during the Talmudic age and throughout Jewish history as “obsessive concern of the Jew with justice and fair play.” Sorry, Dersh. Wrong answer. The Jew is concerned with “justice”. That much is correct. But peer beyond the smoke and mirrors and note that the concept of “justice” is unpacked at an ideological slant, situated in a fever swamp of rhetorical skews. It is a mish-mash of flimflam pettifogger platitudes pointed like a bullet poised to puncture the solidarity of the inferior Other. The Jew is mightily concerned with justice; this justice is Jewish through and through. It is Jewish in both its origin and its implementation. And it is unapologetically so.

Israel is a sad samsara state of Jewish justice. The Nuremberg trials were Jewish justice with an Old Testament book of Esther tinge of delight, an orgasmic relish in the spilling of German blood. The atom bomb is Jewish justice. Robert Oppenheimer, the creator of the bomb, wanted to use it on German civilians, but was content to kill their Japanese Axis compatriots as a second-rate, but still highly technological ritual murder. He soon lost all enthusiasm for his former “project of death” when the United States suggested that the A-Bomb might potentially be used on Communists, of which Oppenheimer was an agent. Suddenly he developed a “conscience”, which simply means that he decided to cloak Jewish interests beneath the gaudy guise of “freedom”, “liberty” and the “American way”. Later, when the Jews set upon the strategy of portraying the Soviet Union as “anti-Semitic” in order to cover up their principal role in the murder of 60 million white Russians, perhaps Oppenheimer might have been forgiven if he had stopped worrying and started learning to love the bomb again.

Jewish justice is simply a selective application of ancient laws. Of course, these laws were written by ancient segregationist Levite Jewish supremacists and would cease to exist if applied universally. Jewish justice is the double standard. Unbeknownst to Christian Jew-worshippers of every stripe, the Ten Commandments do not apply to non-Jews, least of all to the hated and maligned Christian taught to love all that is hampering him, thus vouchsafing only more future hampering and interference from the Jew of the World, who will never permit him peace or equilibrium.

Alan Dershowitz once stated that Jews should use any political power they accrue to “pursue justice.” They have done this. They continue to do this, and we are all the poorer for allowing the Jew to develop a “comfort zone” so big that it is allowed to crowd out the ambitions of European, and indeed all, mankind. This is a dual morality so big that it is crushing the planet, sweeping away diversity and the cultures of all races, ethnicities and nation-states. If contemporary demographics are any indication, this evolutionary strategy is slowly mixing the races into a summer-tan stew that possesses no identity and no allegiances that can pose a serious challenge to the consolidated flanks of activist Jews.

The Jew of the World is keen on these ideas. They make him feel comfortable, though never quite at home in his environment. But that’s not the important thing. What is most important is that the Jew is able to exorcise from his mind images of storm troopers breaking down his door and confiscating his media holdings and stock options. His ill-gotten gain must not change hands. For the internationalist, dual morality is a way of life. Dual morality is his only moral compass. It is the way of survival. It is the air he breathes and the only reason he is still alive to breathe it.

When all people finally behold the Jew of the World as he is, rather than through a media glass darkly, then we will be free. The albatross will be cut loose and all the phony ideas the tribalists have been selling will be rejected wholesale. The “light unto the nations” nomenclature will be revised in order to name things correctly. The flame of Jewry will not burn brightly. It will illumine us no more. Its flame will instead be turned back upon itself to burn away every malefactor that is desirous of our expiration. The anti-nationalist, anti-human ideology of Jewish supremacism will no longer inhibit our destiny. For the Jew of the World, the salad days are rapidly coming to a close. When this finally occurs, the only winners will be all of humanity.

original source: http://patrickgrimm.typepad.com/zionist-watch/2009/11/the-jew-of-the-world.html

Boy, Were You Ever Wrong


By Patrick Grimm

So you thought the Jews were just another clannish and ethnocentric group interested in preserving their religious and cultural traditions. You believed the Jews when they told you that they only wanted to live and let live. You took them at their word when they said they were only desirous of a country where they could reside free of persecution. You didn’t think twice when they larded up their pronouncements with lots of inclusiveness and out-group words of good will. You believed the scholars who pinned all the blame for anti-Jewish persecution, pogroms, expulsions and genocide on those people who were not Jewish. You thought it not unseemly that these same Jews were a bit touchy when it came to their history and their preoccupation with Holocaust dramatizations. Boy, were you ever wrong.

You knew your country was sick, didn’t you? Yes, you did. You can feel this sick degeneration down deep in your bones. It was a sixth sense you had. It spoke to you like a still small voice and it whispered ever so softly. It told you that the foundations were crumbling and the buffering institutions were being eroded. But you wanted to call it something else. You ranted about “liberalism”, “big government”, “high taxes”, “overregulation” and how bad those Democrats were. Perhaps you attended a few Tea Parties and whined to your friends about the dangers and wickedness of an Obama administration. You might have even dropped a few dollars in the coffers of yet another “conservative” group, thinking you were doing your due diligence. Sarah Palin is probably your girl in 2012. Her shallow rhetoric and inane sound bites did not dissuade you one bit. You, a solid red state flag-waving “patriot” probably cheered the war in Iraq even as the pseudo-mission became more and more opaque and fuzzy. This didn’t stop you from sending your precious son or daughter to “fight for democracy and freedom” and kill more Muslim people all for the nebulous pronouncements of War Party bureaucrats who knew nothing about Sherman tanks, but spent most of their time in think tanks.

When your child came home from college or university mocking the religious beliefs you taught them since their birth and began spouting rehearsed bromides against the evils of white European culture, you blamed “liberal professors.” When your offspring waxed pretty about alternative lifestyles, the merits of homosexuality and the open-minded beauty of bi-curious pursuits, you blamed those damn liberals and Communists. You were half right, which still means that you were also half wrong too. You didn’t look any deeper, did you? You asked shallow questions and you got shallow answers. What did you expect?

Now, as you glance about you and see very few Americans flying American flags (they are almost non-existent in my community), you are chagrined. Like you, many of our citizens know that a sick force has seized our government and our institutions. You know something is awry. But that’s all you know. You, even more than a liberal or a progressive, believe what the controlled, so-called “conservative” media tells you. You don’t ask questions. You are a “controlled opponent” and don’t even know it. You parrot the tired rehashed lines of a Glenn Beck, a Rush Limbaugh or (god forbid) a Sean Hannity. These folks talk about the symptoms all day long, but they want to leave the causes untouched.

You know that patriotic fervor is dead in the USA, but you don’t know why. You know your dollar won’t buy you much, but you’ve done little to investigate exactly why this is the case. The hatred against your country grows, but you, like most Americans, assure your family that “we live in the best country in the world”, even though you share a typically American lack of curiosity about other nations. You’ve never been anywhere else. Europe must be jealous of America. That’s it. It couldn’t be that our foreign policy has created a hatred now erupting in violence aimed at our citizens.

Despite all of the chaos now dragging this country into the abyss, you can’t think outside the box. If you just happened upon this little essay, you have already branded me as “anti-Semitic.” As almost every economy except Israel’s falls to rubble, you don’t ask why. Have you ever wondered why it seems that the Jews are the only ethnicity sitting pretty in the worst economy since the Depression? No, you don’t because you are a Zionist, an Israel-Firster, even as that crooked alliance extracts more blood from our people. You go to church and sit obediently in your pew as your minister defends the Jewish people, calls them “God’s Chosen” and declares Israel’s existence a fulfillment of all sorts of vague biblical prophecies. You don’t blanche when your preacher, a man with little knowledge outside of his skewed predilections towards the Bible, warns you that any resistance or criticism of Jews will earn you an eternity in hell. You try to jettison any negative thoughts you may have had about Jews in the past, quivering and genuflecting like a slave who must deny reality. You have long ago taken all your church’s ideas into your unthinking mind and made them the dogma that keeps you silent, ensuring that you will never defend yourself.

Occasionally, cognitive dissonance will trouble you, but not for too long. If you own a business or work for a company that has dealings with Jews, you have surely noticed the two-faced ugly ways that Jews behave in the marketplace. You’ve seen them try to get something for nothing. Maybe they tried to “Jew you down” or hoodwinked you or stole from you or, god forbid, even tried to steal your company, robbing you of your birthright. (I have had many business dealings with Jews and they are always looking for a hand-out or some sort of extravagant special treatment not afforded others.) But you won’t, you can’t see these traits as quintessentially Jewish. You wouldn’t dare be particularistic or ethnically conscious. No way. It might get you labeled, and that would be worse than death. It would also be a sin against the Judaic god too, and he is known for having a short temper when somebody messes with his favorite pets. So you amble along, turning your lily-white cheek to the destroyer, smiling as you are displaced, dispossessed, disarmed by Jewish social policy and demoralized and debauched by the cancer that Jews mistakenly call entertainment.

You never wonder why your immune system so reflexively attacks itself and not the malignancy that weakens your body just a little more each day. You never question why an outside group gets to decide how a European-founded country is run. You never ask why your group is the only group not allowed to name itself and to organize on its own behalf and for its own interests. You don’t even think you have any unique interests. Perhaps you really do believe that any curiosity might cause the early demise of the proverbial cat.

Here’s the deal: You made one mistake. Either out of fear, ignorance, laziness or stupidity, you overlooked the Jew. You saw the Jew and his politically active brethren as just another political group and for that I can’t be too hard on you. As America becomes darker and more multicultural, the Jew becomes harder to recognize as a unique and pernicious danger to all races and peoples, including yours. It’s hard to pick out a freak when you’re right in the middle of a freak show put on by the freak himself. You’ve been busy shadowboxing in the dark and you’ve been swinging at phantoms who did not cause the dilemma that is destroying you. You didn’t realize that Judaism is not a true religion at all, but an evolutionary strategy designed to topple what they perceive to be “false idols”, that being anyone or anything that is not of them, by them and for them. The Jewish tribalists hate your guts. Their books order them to feel this way about you. They aren’t changing and they can count on your complicity or your cowardly silence as the cold war against your traditions rages unabated.

Now there is only one thing for you to do, and I hope I have given you a small push in that direction. Do your homework. Do some research. Learn what motivates the Jew and his rancid activities. Does your mind still intrinsically call me an “anti-Semite” even now? It’s okay. I once was as you are. I know what you’re going through. Trust me, I do. Open your mind, think outside the box and dare to believe the unbelievable truth. It is the truth, and when you finally connect the dots you will never be fooled again.

original source: http://patrickgrimm.typepad.com/zionist-watch/2009/11/boy-were-you-ever-wrong.html